Highlights and Upcoming Events
Balkan Festival of Folk Songs and Dances has began
Date: 07.08.2015
Last evening was the official opening of this year's 54th edition of the Balkan Festival of Folk Songs and Dances, the oldest folk festival in the Balkans, one of the most authentic and most valuable parts of Macedonian and Ohrid’s rich cultural mosaic which took place on the location "Dolni Saraj".
The festival participants were greeted by the Mayor Mr. Nikola Bakracheski with a warm welcome in Ohrid and success in their performances. The first festival evening started with a performance of the National ensemble of Macedonian folk dances and songs "Tanec" and the next days will filled with features of several ensembles from Macedonia, Croatia, Turkey, Poland, Canada, Serbia, Hungary, the Republic of Turkey - Northern Cyprus and Bulgaria.
WHITE SUMMER – gathering event for Ohrid citizens and tourists
Date: 07.07.2015
With the tourist promotional event “White summer” organized by the local government of Municipality of Ohrid, through Department of tourism end economic development for the third time was officially marked the start of this year’s main tourist season.
The attendance at this spectacle has confirmed the city expectation for a successful tourist season. Ohrid citizens and numerous guests enjoyed the performance of Slatkaristika, Tyzee and Sound Messengers and numerous folklore performances. Ohrid lived round the clock which was testified by crowded city restaurants and cafes. Local government following the world trends in organizing of this and similar events wants to enrich the tourist offer and to attract a larger number of domestic and foreign tourists in the city
Date: 15.04.2015
These days the Sector for tourism and local economic development at the Municipality of Ohrid in cooperation with the catering tourist entities successfully implement the “Promotional tour – Ohrid 2015” which was part of the range of activities predicted at the sector’s yearly program. During this touristic promotional tour held from 2-nd to 5-th of April, attended representatives of travel agencies, media, magazines and tour operators from Turkey, Serbia, Israel, Russia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Ukraine, Hungary and Austria.
All guests and visitors had opportunity to meet and see the beauties of Ohrid and also they had opportunity for photo - safari tour, via organized tour of the old town, the cultural and historical monuments and landmarks, natural beauty and through promoting the alternative forms of tourism. In addition, the visitors had opportunity to meet the accommodation facilities through visiting more Hotels in the Ohrid region, furthermore, as a result of this promotional tour had been signed several agreements for lease (rent) of hotel facilities. We expect the participants of the promotional tour after the stay in Ohrid to publish reportages into the media and magazines about their impressions, thus their viewers and readers will have opportunity to meet the beauties of our city and the wider region, as well as the overall tourism potential and offer of Ohrid. Very soon in two most biggest satellite Turkish TV houses ATV and A haber will be broadcasted special emissions – shows about Ohrid and reportages will be published into ten electronic and printed journals of their media group, as well as in the GLOBER - JETLIFE, one of the most printed magazine which is distributed in the airline Atlas Global.
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