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Ohrid, the eternal city of light and beauty

Dear visitors,

You ask what our city is like. To put it shortly: unique.

Magnificent and exciting. Mysterious and surprising.

More elaborately: it is one of the most ancient towns of Europe, flavored with the taste of the past centuries, proud on its cultural heritage and the unique lake, both belonging to the UNESCO's World Natural and Cultural Heritage.

Ohrid feels slightly nostalgic, often emanating Middle Ages feelings. History is present at nearly every corner. And the lake...

Ours is a dynamic city, harmoniously blending in Macedonian, Hellenistic, Roman, Slavic, Byzantine and Turkish memories.

One has said Ohrid is "a notable bridge of European art".
In the classical and medieval periods it used to be an artistic, cultural and spiritual center of the Balkans, and today again no “cultural vultures” can reasonably leave out Ohrid from their itineraries. History has no spared the city but could never destroy it.

Ohrid has given literacy and culture to many peoples. People here are inventive and cunning, using a healthy, wise sense of humor to survive misfortune. They are informal and casual. But above all, the people are hospitable and generous whose bustling city quickly accepts visitors.

Shall we go on? Why don’t come and see it for yourself? Have a look round. You will feel well and safe whether you come for only a few days or a longer period. So that you feel at home in Ohrid.

D-r Nikola Bakraceski

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