All Highlights and Upcoming Events
“White Summer”
Date: 10.07.2014
For marking the start of this year's tourist season in Ohrid, our city representative responsible for tourism and local economic development organized culture event called “White Summer”. This manifestation held on 4-th of July, second year in a roll.
Enjoyable party, reduced prices in the coffee bars and evening concert on the city square of the music band "Nockout” were just several segments of the manifestation. In addition, promotion of the traditional crafts on the small square officially launched this year's event, "White Summer". Therefore, this manifestation that perfectly connects the tradition and the modern culture remarkable for our city, slowly but surely becomes a recognizable brand for Ohrid. Beside the leading goal of providing entertainment for all local citizens and tourists, for the young and adults at same time, this event contributes to enrichment of the touristic offer for increasing the number of the regional tourists. During the activities, catering, coffee-bars facilities offered a discount on their services by 30 percent, which contributed and provided with citizens massive presence. Besides the guys from the music band "Nockout" before the citizens of Ohrid and guests with their own set was performed DJ – NASTI. Our city management will take care this cultural event “White Summer” to continue in future with reaching much more attractiveness.
Date: 23.01.2014
The celebration of Epiphany in Ohrid is one of the most massive churches - religious events in Orthodoxy according to the number of visitors for the act of consecration of the lake water and the number of believers and visitors who regardless of the cold winter temperatures are entering in the lake to catch the Holy Cross.
The celebration officially started with a spectacular concert of famous Serbian singer Zeljko Joksimovic and Daniel Kajmakoski on 17th of January in the sports centre “Biljanini Izvori”, On great audience admiration the famous singer Zeljko and Daniel sang the famous folk song for Ohrid, “Lihnida kajce veslase”. In honor of this great Orthodox holiday on 18th of January in the Center of Culture “Grigor Prlicev “a concert of spiritual music was performed by the choir “St. Zlata Meglenska” On 19th of January over 20.000 believers from the country and abroad, representatives of the diplomatic core, representatives from government among which the prime minister Mr. Nikola Gruevski, the parliament speaker Mr.Trajko Veljanoski, ministers, parlament representatives and numerous citizens of Ohrid attended the act of consecration of the lake and catching of the Holy Cross on the city port. The luckiest catcher of the Holy Cross among 1000 swimmers from Ohrid ,other Macedonian cities and foreign visitors was the 24 year old Petar Rupevski from Ohrid. With music and songs in the spirit of Christian festivities began the celebration of the second day of Epiphany – Vodici, known as the Day of Fishermen. The professors and students from secondary school of hospitality and catering “Vanco Pitosheski” prepared two tones of fish stew and on the small city square fish plasica and 1000 beautifully packages of traditional food specialty – trotters prepared by the students of Faculty for tourism and catering in Ohrid were offered to visitors.. We hope that from this year the Day of Fisherman will be more massive attended and it will be transformed into a world tourist event. Once again I take this opportunity to thank to the Association for promotion of Macedonian Orthodox Church “Epiphany”, the Red Cross, the Port authority , the Diving club “Amphora”, the Sector of interior affairs in Ohrid and all other legal subjects who actively participated in this four day celebration of Epiphany – Vodici, said the Mayor of Ohrid – Mr. Nikola Bakracheski. The culmination of the event was achieved by traditional group swimming for the five wooden casks of wine in the lake. Petar Rupeski was again the luckiest one, because he first managed to catch the wooden cask with red wine. He received a replica of the Holy Cross by the Society for promoting of the religious event “Epiphany” and the Mayor of Ohrid Mr. Nikola Bakraceski who was one of the Epiphany godfathers this year gave him a gold coin with the image of St. John the Baptist. Organizers said that there was a record number of 20 000 visitors for the holiday in Ohrid.
Date: 14.01.2014
This year's celebration of the Christian feast "Epiphany " and Day of fishermen will be supplemented with new content that will be implemented in cooperation with local government, hotel and catering and business community guild.
- Municipality of Ohrid, this year, in cooperation with the business community engaged in organization of new content that should enrich the offer before the largest scale church-National ceremony for sanctifying the waters of the lake on holiday "Epiphany" On Thursday 17th - January, in the sports hall "Biljanini izvori" at 09:00 pm will take place concert of Balkans music star Zeljko Joksimovic, and on Saturday the 18th of January in the Cultural Center " Grigor Prlicev" at 7:30 pm guest choir "St. Zlata Meglenska "- said at a press conference, Djoko Apostolov, head of the Department of Tourism and Local Economic Development-Local Government. Association of Citizens for the full affirmation of the MPC-OA "Epiphany" announced that the finished preparations for two great events and expect the act of throwing the Holy Cross in the waters of the lake, there are over a thousand swimmers from Ohrid and other cities in Macedonia as well as tourists, mostly from neighboring countries. The act of throwing the Holy Cross and the consecration of the waters of the lake will take place on 19 - January, the "Epiphany" in 10 :15 am of the city port. This event will precede worship services in Ohrid churches which then litijski processions will arrive at the port-noted Dimitar Pendov of Association "Epiphany". He added that everything is ready for the Day of fishermen. Traditionally manifestation of Saraishte will begin with group baptism at 1 pm and on 3 pm is planned capturing the the barrel with wine. This year, the donor its fish stew that applied for a Guinness World Record is "Royal View". Will be ready around 7 thousand meals fish stew and a tone of plasica, part of which together with the Red Cross will be distributed to kindergartens, health care institutions and socially vulnerable groups. For entertainment on the Day of fishermen will ensure that some Ohrid groups , who play traditional music. The press conference was emphasized that almost 90 percent of the hotels have reduced prices by 12 euros for bed and breakfast and has discounts in the catering objects. The purpose is to attract a larger number tourists and continue winter tourist season.
The New Year’s Eve celebrated on the Ohrid city square
Date: 03.01.2014
With a spectacular firework, music and fun on the city square in Ohrid, a huge number of citizens and tourists mostly from the neighboring countries welcomed the New 2014 Year.
The good mood was assured by the domestic music stars Victoria Loba, Lambe Alabakoski, Naum Petrovski and Anastasia, Zuica Lazova,and orchestra Agusevi. A few minutes before midnight the Mayor Nicola Bakracheski wished health, happiness and success in the New Year. Dear citizens the New Year is a beginning with a new hope and energy, success, and challenges that will need to be overcome. These holidays are fulfilled with best wishes for health, peace, optimism and understanding. Holiday celebration makes us close to our families, friends, and associates. These are moments of solidarity and unity. Let’s overcome the problems together, let’s try to build the city as a common home ruled by progress and understanding and let each of us be the creator of more perspective future. I wish you a happy and successful New 2014 Year. Let your home be filled with joy and happiness, and your hearts with warmth and love. Happy holidays, said the Mayor Bakracheski. The proposed content for the New Year celebration was accepted with pleasure and joy from the numerous audience who played and sung until the early morning hours and the youngest enjoyed skating on the ice rink. Happy New 2014 Year!
Rich and diverse program for New Year holidays in Ohrid
Date: 27.12.2013
With the most comprehensive New Year program which will last ten days with a different approach than usual,Municipality of Ohrid joins in celebration of the New Year holidays.
Besides holiday embellishment of the city, the local government intention is to make the city more attractive for foreign and domestic visitors celebrating the New Year’s Eve in Ohrid by adding new entertainment and recreational contents. The beginning is envisaged at 9 pm with performance of the pop music singers Victoria Loba and Lambe Alabakoski. 10.30pm – 12.00pm, performance of Macedonian folklore singers Naum Petreski, Zuica Lazova and Anastasija Petreska accompanied by the orchestra of the group “Synthesis”. 12.00pm – 12.30am, performance of the orchestra Agusevi The New Year’s Eve will be enriched with spectacular fireworks.
Officially opened a skating rink at the Ohrid square
Date: 24.12.2013
With a several hours music event and the performance of the pop star Lambe Alabakoski, the skating rink was officially opened tonight at the city square.
The Mayor Nikola Bakracheski welcomed the huge audience, announcing interesting contents in the days before New Year and promising better organization of New Year, Christmas and Epiphany holidays in the following years. - I hope that Ohrid as a municipality together with the public companies and all people who love Ohrid, will manage to make the city attractive in these winter months for its residents and guests. In the following days you will have the opportunity to have fun and recreate with the contents which we hope will warm up your hearts. The skating rink is a new thing to children as well as to adults. It is a good opportunity for those who can skate, but for those who can’t, it’s a great chance to learn the first steps in the skating -pointed Mayor Bakracheski. The offered entertaining contents were gladly accepted by the local population and guests of all ages, who were dancing and having fun. Santa Claus warmed up the hearts of the youngest, giving those balloons and saying funny words. Also, this New Year’s programme, organized by municipality of Ohrid will continue in the following days. On Wednesday in the sports center “Atina Bojadzi” the New Year’s party of municipality of Ohrid will take place;on Thursday,a charity concert will take place in the Centre of Culture “Grigor Prlicev and on Saturday , a stand up comedy show performed by Nikola Todoroski will take place at the square. Pre- New Year events are winding up on Monday, with the performance of several local cultural ensembles. The Local government promises an unforgettable New Year ‘s party as well as interesting events for the following Christmas and Epiphany holydays.
Date: 05.11.2013
Sublime Ohrid is Macedonia's prime destination, with its atmospheric old quarter with beautiful churches along a graceful hill, topped by a medieval castle overlooking serene, 34km-long Lake Ohrid.
Nearby, mountainous Galičica National Park offers pristine nature, while secluded beaches dot the lake's eastern shore. Ohrid and its beaches are packed from 15 July to 15 August, during the popular summer festival. June or September are quieter (and cleaner). Lake Ohrid, 300m deep and three million years old, shared by Macedonia (two-thirds) and Albania (one-third), is among Europe's deepest and oldest. Although usually calm, during storms Ohrid seethes with steely-grey whitecaps evoking the sea.
Date: 12.07.2013
If we are to talk about Ohrid Summer Festival at the encounter of its 53th edition, it is certain that its existence of many years indicates to an awareness that the festival leans on something that indeed represents a great tradition. This tradition originates from the place which is given from God, from the city of Ohrid the spiritual capital of Macedonia, the antique city with its magically blue lake, a city with a cultural history marked with values of the ancient civilization, the city of the first Slavic university in Europe, the city of Samuills kingdom and finally the city that represents the whole Macedonian cultural and spiritual history.

For these reasons, not accidentally in this city-holy place, God only had to send his noble message in order to mark the beginning of something that had to happen here. It happened on the remote year 1961 midsummer - on august 4th. A light sparkled under the amazing arches of the beautiful cathedral church St. Sophia a part of the monumental and ancient values of Ohrid from the 11th century.
The glitter of that sparkle marked the birth of the manifestation which was probably destined by God, the same way as it was destined that the opera singer Ana Lipsha Tofovic mark the beginning of a festival, that later will obtain the name Ohrid Summer.

That first concert on the 4th of August in St. Sophia, where the magical voice of the leader of the Macedonian opera was as sent for in that setting with amazing acoustics, definitely acknowledged the justification of all the strivings and wishes of that time to get to the thing which Ohrid had to have.
This act of concert christening of St. Sophia made in a moment of visionary illumination of Ana Lipsha Tofovic and her companion on piano Ladislav Perldic, with great enthusiasm supported by Ohrid citizens and Macedonian culture activists, showed that the seed is sown on a fertile soil and a manifestation of global importance is born.

Performing the works of Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, Gluck, worked impressively since the beginning and showed that St. Sophia is made for that. And so the story called Ohrid Summer began.

In the first years of the festival, in the concept of its program, the direct connection of St. Sophia with the vocal music prevailed. Nevertheless, on one side it was insisted that primarily the artistic quality is insured and from the other side the need for representing works inspired by the holy work of the Cyril and Methodius brothers, with which the importance of Ohrid as a cradle of the Slavic literacy would be emphasized. In the couple of years of self-discovery and outlining its own physiognomy, Ohrid Summer firmly established itself as one of the pivots of the Macedonian cultural tradition.

The cathedral St. Sophia, the old lady of the Ohrid patriarch, demonstrates itself as an irreplaceable location for chamber music; becoming more and more attractive for artists and assembles of all over the world. The Festival grew to be an eye - catching destination for renown artists, among them: Vladimir Ruzgak (Croatian baritone), Martina Arroyo (USA soprano), Slovenian octet, musicians of Prague, the famous quartet Julliard and especially Golden Gate quartet, Macedonian artists Milka Eftimova, Todor Skalovskii. Their performances provoked amazement, at the same time challenged other artists of the world who had the desire to see this miracle called St. Sophia.

The years that followed marked perhaps the most significant period in the development of the Festival, a period which will be reflected on the upward course of this manifestation. It is the period of the legendary Leonid Kogan (Russian violinist, the best in the world in that time) and Andra Navara (cellist from France, as well one of the best musicians in the world). These two virtuosos belong in the group of artists who did not detach from the Festival up until their death. Their concerts, whether they were recitals or as soloists with orchestras, will be recorded among the most exquisite music events of the Festival which left a special mark in its history. They simply implanted their art and their creative spirit in the Festival. Their affection and attachment to the Festival was so great that with pleasure they engaged with pedagogical activity, carried some special music seminars within the outlines of the Festival, which showed to be as a very useful activity out of which a lot of young valuable musicians came out.

The Festival then was becoming more interesting, prosperous and more attractive for the artists of the world. In those years (70s and 80s) a lot of artists marched past, besides the local ones of former Yugoslavia, a lot of renowned namess performance contributed for even greater affirmation of the Festival. The names like: Mstislav Rostopovich, Aldo Chikolini, Gidon Kremer, Rugero Richi, Viktor Tretyakov, Henrick Shering, Salvatore Arcado, Elena Obrascova, Katia Richarelli, Victoria de los Angeles, Maksim Vengerov, Vadim Repin, Julian Rahlin, Ivo Pogorelic and a lot of other vocal and instrumental soloists or assembles such as: Munich chamber orchestra, Virtuosi di Roma chamber orchestra, Georg Enesku chamber orchestra, the Lithuanian chamber orchestra, The Radio Symphony Orchestra of Austrian radio, Madrigal choir from Bucharest, Glinka from St. Petersburg, the children choir of Vienna and others; all had a say on the further growth of the Ohrid Summer.

In those years, as the physiognomy of the music part of the program was strengthening, equivalent to that the need for the same thing on the other segment was felt the theatre. Out of a simple reason the ancient atmosphere of Ohrid with its wonderful and impressionable scene locations attracts the attention of the directorss eye and the magical performance of the actor. The local Macedonian theatre troops began to perform in the Festival with plays of their repertoire so that later on this segment of the festival program established enough to make the festival an inviting gathering place for many guest theatres from all over the world and especially the area of former Yugoslavia. There were a lot of theatrical performances by theatres of highest rank from countries of former Yugoslavia as well as from Russia, Turkey, France, USA, Holland, Italy, Greece and other countries. The beautiful and alluring scene locations in Ohrid offered new opportunities which were the first shows that were performed as a premiere on the Festival. Theatrical projects that will be remembered were performed on the scenes of St. Sophia, Dolni Saraj, the Samuils fortress, St. Naum, Saraiste, Plaosnik and other locations, adapted on texts of l the local drama authors or world classics such as: Shakespeare, Chekhov, Moliere, Gogol, Brecht, Nushik, or the antic: Sophocles, Euripides, Aristophanes and others. Completing the profile of the theatre program in the 80s the Festival reaches a real striking ascent which gives its right to be considered as a manifestation of global significance.

Its adulthood as a manifestation with high artistic values, Ohrid Summer confirms around the mid 90s, to be more precise in 1994 when it became a member of the European Festival Association with headquarters in Geneva. Strict and high criteria were set in order to get accepted in this essential association. Ohrid Summer fulfilled them and became a member of the family of European festivals. This is a very high acknowledgment for the festival and the Macedonian culture in general. Certainly with being a part of this association a lot of wide opportunities for working in more aspects of developing the Festival arouse, especially in the program section. On one side the Festival became more popular and on the other side a greater opportunity for collaboration with the elite European festivals was given. This would be of great use for the mutual exchange of projects and experiences.

When the years 2000 and 2001 come, the Festival gets something for which it long awaited. The Antique theatre is discovered as the greatest stage location. At that same venue in 2001, with the gala evening of the Festival (premiere of the spectacular drama project of I. Popovski - Macedoine), the greatest and the most attractive summer scene with around 3000 visitors was promoted. With this venue, undoubted, the Festival takes another dimension in the direction of enriching its program contents, especially for the subject matter gala and opening evenings which require extravagancy. Since then all the gala evenings of the Festival are held on the scene of this magnificent venue. This was demonstrated by the unforgettable premiere project Macedoine, followed by the stars of the Russian Opera and ballet, the concert of the famous tenor Jose Carreras etc.

The Ohrid Summer Festival today can be said that is a really fortunate festival to have the city of Ohrid and the contrary- the city is blessed to have this festival and it was probably destined to be so.
In the Republic of Macedonia certainly the awareness of the meaning of this superb cultural manifestation always exists, because of what the festival has the absolute support of all the institution of the state. Especially the support of the government of RM through the Ministry of Culture, the President of the Republic who at the same time is the Patron of the Festival, as well as the important support of the economy through firms and companies that financially assist the festival.

Today, Ohrid Summer Festival presents a great dignity and an exceptional cultural gain for Ohrid and the Republic of Macedonia; a manifestation with which Ohrid and Macedonia can be represented with dignity in the world.

With this long tradition, on welcoming the 53th edition of the Festival, Ohrid Summer realizes a universal noble mission of a competition of high artistic values with intentions of realizing the new visions with even higher aims in the European and global cultural space.

It is certain that in the 53th edition of Ohrid Summer, in its traditional term 12th July 20th August, we will have another shining edition with all its peculiar characteristics that make the festival special, recognizable and unique in our area.

Balkan festival of folk songs and dances
Date: 06.07.2013
July 6 - July 11
The Balkan Festival of folk songs and dances is an international folklore event established in 1962 that was originally titled as The Ohrid Festival of Amateur Folk Songs and Folk Bands. In 1967 the Festival was restructured and ever since it has been hosting vocal and instrumental bands and solo singers presenting their authentic folk creations and traditional culture through horas, songs, rites, traditional clothes, local costumes, traditional musical instruments, and handicrafts. For more than twenty years "The Balkan Festival of Folk Songs and Dances" has been a member of the UNESCO Associations of CIOFF (The International Council of the Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folklore Art), and IOFA (The International Organization for Folklore Art.
Traditionally, the Festival is held at the beginning of July. Although the name would suggest otherwise, there are many participants from outside the Balkans, including Asia and Africa. In the frames of the Festival exhibitions that have always been oriented to the Festival are organised, too. In the past years, the Institute for folklore “Marko Cepenkov” – Skopje organised Symposium for the Balkan folklore.
White night
Date: 29.06.2013
Municipality of Ohrid for the first time this year organizes the manifestation “White summer” on the 6th of July 2013. The entertainment programme of this event will begin at 21.00 o’ clock on the City square with the performance of two Macedonian musical stars: Karolina Goceva and Panco + ДНК and DJ set lefonque + iceberg. On this occasion catering and hotel facilities in the town will offer the visitors a special discount price from10 to 30 percent on their services.
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Ohrid Exhibition at Chelsea Gallery in London
Date: 16.05.2012

Ohrid Exhibition at Chelsea Library, Old Town Hall, (Kings Road, London SW3 5EE) from 21 May to 28 May 2012.
The exhibition is organized by PRO ART & CO from London, MAG – Culture & Experience from Skopje and Municipality of Ohrid.

For more information please visit the following web page.
Ohrid on Bing
Date: 21.03.2011
Macedonia was promoted as a turistic and world destination on the one of the most popular and most visited internet browsers’ homepage Bing, with a photography of the Lake Ohrid: Church of St. John Kaneo and additional information on the natural and cultural heritage.
iPult - Presentation of touristic offer
Date: 19.03.2011
The whole touristic offer of Ohrid will be presented on the web page
Ohrid Summer Festival
Date: 12.07.2010
Through the past 49 years The Ohrid Summer Festival gained its affirmation as one of the most important cultural manifestations in the Republic of Macedonia. Alongside with that, it succeeded in keeping the pace with the European and global cultural flow, reckoning among the privileged and most important festivals in the world. This is as well confirmed with the membership of Ohrid Summer Festival in the Association of the elite European festivals for 15 years now.
This year, encountering its great jubilee 50 years of existence, Ohrid Summer with firm steps and dignity is marking its way to its goal which is- accomplishing and realization of the most qualitative edition.
Ohrid Summer, with its many years tradition of performances with affluent artistic capacity and the privilege of originating from the ancient cultural history of the city, this year of 2010 when it will mark its jubilee, it will offer an exceptional artistic program; with events that are expected to cause great interest from the public, especially among the admirers of music, theatre and other kinds of art.
The great or golden jubilee represents a special challenge for the Festival and all those who participate in the organization, principally the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Macedonia and the other collaborators, in order to realize the most highly qualitative edition so far which will correspond to the rank and reputation of this Festival; together with this, to represent with dignity and to confirm once more the high cultural values of our country, Europe and the world. With sincere pleasure, we invite you to Ohrid this summer from July 12th to August 20th, so we can mutually enjoy in the wonderful magic called Ohrid Summer.
Balkan festival of folk songs and dances
Date: 06.07.2010
The Balkan Festival of folk songs and dances is an international folklore event established in 1962 that was originally titled as The Ohrid Festival of Amateur Folk Songs and Folk Bands.
In 1967 the Festival was restructured and ever since it has been hosting vocal and instrumental bands and solo singers presenting their authentic folk creations and traditional culture through horas, songs, rites, traditional clothes, local costumes, traditional musical instruments, and handicrafts. For more than twenty years "The Balkan Festival of Folk Songs and Dances" has been a member of the UNESCO Associations of CIOFF (The International Council of the Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folklore Art), and IOFA (The International Organization for Folklore Art.
Traditionally, the Festival is held at the beginning of July. Although the name would suggest otherwise, there are many participants from outside the Balkans, including Asia and Africa.
In the frames of the Festival exhibitions that have always been oriented to the Festival are organised, too. In the past years, the Institute for folklore “Marko Cepenkov” – Skopje organised Symposium for the Balkan folklore.
Festival of French Film in Ohrid
Date: 26.06.2010
A nice initiative few years ago, for a revival of the cultural life in the tourist centre of Macedonia during the summer period, this year reaches its third anniversary of successful realisation.
The Film Festival in Ohrid that will be opened on 26th June, will offer, this year too, a rich palette of films from the French cinematography as well as film productions from the francophone creational sphere.
Best Places You've Never Heard Of
Date: 22.06.2010
One of the most famous internet browser BING on its TRAVEL browser for the most famous travel destinations puts the city od Ohrid and the Lake of Ohrid among 11 Best Places You've Never Heard Of…
Eleven people lucky enough to travel for a living reveal their favorite recent discoveries — places they happened upon and still can't stop thinking about...See the whole story
Day of Lake Ohrid
Date: 21.06.2010
This traditional manifestation, which is organized by the three lakeside cities: Ohrid, Podgradec and Struga with a purpose – the common concern for protection of the Lake of Ohrid, every year is held in other city, but this year Ohrid is the host-city.
Traditionally, on the day of Lake Ohrid are organized exhibitions, competitions and concerts.
Macedonia on the 21 place to go in 2010 choice by "The New York Times"
Date: 14.06.2010
One of the deepest lakes on the planet, with a dazzling Unesco World Heritage site of ancient dwellings rising high above its shores, Lake Ohrid in Macedonia is a local vacation star poised for greater international acclaim.
In the tiered, terra-cotta-roofed city of Ohrid, 18 miles from the Albanian border, a lakefront settlement dating back to Neolithic times, Macedonians boast that on their side of the lake is a church, monastery or mosque for every day of the year, each full of resplendent frescoes, mosaics and icons. Notable attractions include the recently renovated church of St. Clement and St. Panteleimon at Plaosnik, an epic Byzantine masterpiece, and the 13th-century St. John of Kaneo, a limestone and brick monastery that juts out over transparent blue waters.

An estimated $50 million renovation of the Ohrid Airport is planned for 2010, with more international flights expected by summer, and up to six new luxury hotels are in the works, including a $33 million property with construction scheduled to begin in March. Tourist attractions on Ohrid’s beaches were upgraded last year with swank bars and dining spots complimented by bamboo and leather couchettes, with the hot spot Cuba Libre leading the way.

Meanwhile, new government-financed archaeological digs around the lake regularly unearth treasures, like the 17 fifth-century tombs discovered last July. The find follows the 2008 opening of the Museum on Water, a re-created Bronze Age village built on stilts incorporating Ohrid artifacts. — Dinah Spritzer
Epiphany tourist event in the pearl city - Ohrid
Date: 19.02.2010
This year, traditionally with consecration of the waters of Lake Ohrid, with a prayer a throwing of the cross in presence of more than 10.000 citizens, the great Christian holiday Epiphany was celebrated.
This holiday also was a part of the Tourist Fair, increasing the tourist offer of Ohrid. Next year the city welcomes all visitors to attend the celebration on 19th of January.
The eurorepresentative in Macedonia in the waters of Macedonian tradition
Date: 21.01.2008
The Ambassador of EU in Macedonia, Mr. Ervan Fuere overvelmed the Macedonian citizens, participating in the rituals in Lake Ohrid. On the day of St. John the Baptist in the waters of Lake Ohrid a barrel of wine is placed in the lake and it is the target of the ritual participants. Mr. Fuere won the contest of reaching the Macedonian wine first. The citizens of Ohrid wished him a lot of enjoyment in the wine and a lot of happiness.
Oliveira is the winner of humanism prize in Ohrid
Date: 21.01.2008
The film director De Oliveira from Portugal arrived in Ohrid to accept the prize for humanism. The prize is awarded by the Humanism Academy of Ohrid. De Oliveira became the first honorary professor of the Film Academy in Skopje.
Ohrid host of turist fair
Date: 10.01.2008
The International Tourist Fair, which is expected to become an annual event, will take place in the sport arena "Biljanini Izvori" in Ohrid, for the period from 17th until 20th of January. The fair is organized by Hotels and Tourist Association of Macedonia, The Government of Republic of Macedonia, Skopje Fair and Municipality of Ohrid.
The gala opening will be on 17th of January at 19:00 hours in the "Inex-Gorica" hotel with Introductory speech by Macedonian Prime minister Nikola Gruevski.
Ohrid in the spirit of New Year
Date: 24.12.2007
The symbolic turning on of the Christmas Tree lights in the town square last night, by the mayor Aleksandar Petreski, marked the finish of the most of the activities for the New Year's decoration of Ohrid, which project was realized by "Ohriski Komunalec" and a specialized team.
Although with restricted amounts, the Local government kept the promise and thus fulfilled the expectations of the town people that Ohrid, during the New Year's celebrations, will be decorated better than last year. The sight of the town square and the streets in the central area of the town, which one can see when the sun goes down, is really impressing. In one word, Ohrid is sparkling in its best light. That is best confirmed by the photos. The town people and the guests can enjoy the wonderful view of Ohrid and after the New Year's Eve- until Epiphany in the middle of January.
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