Municipality of Ohrid - official tourism web site Highlights and Upcoming Eventsen-us“PROMOTION TOUR – OHRID 2015” - FINISHEDThese days the Sector for tourism and local economic development at the Municipality of Ohrid in cooperation with the catering tourist entities successfully implement the “Promotional tour – Ohrid 2015” which was part of the range of activities predicted at the sector’s yearly program. During this touristic promotional tour held from 2-nd to 5-th of April, attended representatives of travel agencies, media, magazines and tour operators from Turkey, Serbia, Israel, Russia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Ukraine, Hungary and Austria.indexnews.asp?ID=1464Wed, 15 Apr 2015 0:00:00 UTindexnews.asp?ID=1464Ohrid will be host-city and sponsor of the tourism fair in Skopje this yearThis year Ohrid will be host-city of the Fifth jubilee tourism fair – Skopje Travel Market in the period of 07th to 09th of May, on invitation of the Chamber of Tourism and Skopje Fair. Considering this occasion the Mayor Bakracheski point out that this is a great opportunity for presenting the tourism offer of Ohrid, as leading and most developed tourist center in R. of Macedonia.indexnews.asp?ID=1463Wed, 4 Feb 2015 0:00:00 UTindexnews.asp?ID=1463OHRID SUMMER FESTIVALIf we are to talk about Ohrid Summer Festival at the encounter of its 53th edition, it is certain that its existence of many years indicates to an awareness that the festival leans on something that indeed represents a great tradition. This tradition originates from the place which is given from God, from the city of Ohrid the spiritual capital of Macedonia, the antique city with its magically blue lake, a city with a cultural history marked with values of the ancient civilization, the city of the first Slavic university in Europe, the city of Samuills kingdom and finally the city that represents the whole Macedonian cultural and spiritual history.indexnews.asp?ID=1462Fri, 12 Jul 2013 0:00:00 UTindexnews.asp?ID=1462Balkan festival of folk songs and dancesJuly 6 - July 11
The Balkan Festival of folk songs and dances is an international folklore event established in 1962 that was originally titled as The Ohrid Festival of Amateur Folk Songs and Folk Bands. In 1967 the Festival was restructured and ever since it has been hosting vocal and instrumental bands and solo singers presenting their authentic folk creations and traditional culture through horas, songs, rites, traditional clothes, local costumes, traditional musical instruments, and handicrafts. For more than twenty years "The Balkan Festival of Folk Songs and Dances" has been a member of the UNESCO Associations of CIOFF (The International Council of the Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folklore Art), and IOFA (The International Organization for Folklore Art.
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White night
Municipality of Ohrid for the first time this year organizes the manifestation “White summer” on the 6th of July 2013. The entertainment programme of this event will begin at 21.00 o’ clock on the City square with the performance of two Macedonian musical stars: Karolina Goceva and Panco + ÄÍÊ and DJ set lefonque + iceberg. On this occasion catering and hotel facilities in the town will offer the visitors a special discount price from10 to 30 percent on their services.
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Ohrid Exhibition at Chelsea Gallery in London

Ohrid Exhibition at Chelsea Library, Old Town Hall, (Kings Road, London SW3 5EE) from 21 May to 28 May 2012.
The exhibition is organized by PRO ART & CO from London, MAG – Culture & Experience from Skopje and Municipality of Ohrid.

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Ohrid on BingMacedonia was promoted as a turistic and world destination on the one of the most popular and most visited internet browsers’ homepage Bing, with a photography of the Lake Ohrid: Church of St. John Kaneo and additional information on the natural and cultural heritage.indexnews.asp?ID=1458Mon, 21 Mar 2011 0:00:00 UTindexnews.asp?ID=1458iPult - Presentation of touristic offerThe whole touristic offer of Ohrid will be presented on the web page, 19 Mar 2011 0:00:00 UTindexnews.asp?ID=1457Ohrid Summer FestivalThrough the past 49 years The Ohrid Summer Festival gained its affirmation as one of the most important cultural manifestations in the Republic of Macedonia. Alongside with that, it succeeded in keeping the pace with the European and global cultural flow, reckoning among the privileged and most important festivals in the world. This is as well confirmed with the membership of Ohrid Summer Festival in the Association of the elite European festivals for 15 years now.indexnews.asp?ID=1456Mon, 12 Jul 2010 0:00:00 UTindexnews.asp?ID=1456Balkan festival of folk songs and dancesThe Balkan Festival of folk songs and dances is an international folklore event established in 1962 that was originally titled as The Ohrid Festival of Amateur Folk Songs and Folk Bands.indexnews.asp?ID=1448Tue, 6 Jul 2010 0:00:00 UTindexnews.asp?ID=1448